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surface/sphere (2016)
installation by Katrina Brown & Rosanna Irvine
HD video 9’ 30’’ on loop and charcoal body prints on paper

Currently available for touring

Commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance and Independent Dance London for their What Festival 2016: What Remains – Anatomy of an Artist. The work responded to the festival call for a forensics approach to art-making in relation to another artist’s work. surface/sphere draws on the legacy of seminal Judson Dance Theatre artist and instigator of the contact improvisation form – Steve Paxton. It brings Paxton’s rolls and movement puzzles – gathered in his DVD ‘Material for the Spine’ – into contact with the methods developed by Brown & Irvine in their performance installation ‘what remains and is to come.’

surface/sphere trailer below:

What remains festival Siobhan Davies Studio London 21-22 May 2016

Commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance & Independent Dance. Supported by SWG3.