Geologies (working title) receives funding from Creative Scotland to undertake some initial research in video, sound, text and movement. Taking impetus from the geologies and geographies of the Glasgow area, the Clyde waters and the isle of Arran – sites that are variously stratified in their geologies and in their layers of Empire and imperialism – the research approaches the dynamic and complex relationships between the natural world, deep time and the political and historical narratives that are (un)told.  Thanks also to The Work Room and Tramway.

MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS continues to gather manifestos

Billboard poster exhibition of 10 manifestos created by communities from across Scotland, on Sauchiehall Street Glasgow – September 2021

Billboard poster exhibition of  manifestos created by communities in Pollokshields and Govanhill Glasgow, on corner of Albert Drive and Darnley Street – June 2021

THIS time NOW a salon – curated event and open invitation to artists looking at the political powers and capacities of art making. With invited artists Simone Kenyon, Amy Rosa and Farah Saleh online event. 10th February

MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS receives project funding from Creative Scotland enabling multiple events with communities across Scotland and beyond, generating a growing collection of MANIFESTOS from the voices of diverse and connected peoples. With support from – and events with – partners Tramway, Platform and The Work Room. You can see the growing collection of manifestos on the project website:

MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS is hosted by Creative Carbon Scotland. 3 events 28-30 July

MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS at GIFT 2020 a new participatory public art work operating online generating multiple MANIFESTOS for a world we want to be living in. Six events. 1-3 May

TWR residency with artist and writer Mark Leahy extending the approach taken in our duet Material+Transition which was part of the performance installation Breath Pieces at Tramway in June 2018. Material+Transition works with the material possibilities of sound prior to the emergence of language using a compositional structure that involves deep listening, progressive, embedded transitions and ‘melding’ of sounds – so displacing the individual voice. We take this compositional approach in working with gesture and towards language. October

Ah kissing is part of the Neverending Glen Art Trail at Kelburn Garden Party –  curated by UZ Arts in partnership with Kelburn Arts. July 6-8th

Cove Park & TWR residency with video and sound artist Kian McEvoy researching approaches to working with climate change data – towards developing a methodology for translating key data into a range of artistic media  such as movement, sound, drawing and audio and visual programming. June

Rough Mix residency  selected artist on Magnetic North’s Rough Mix. January

Breath Pieces performance-installation at Tramway 23 June 7.30pm

Breath and Drawing Workshop – part of Taking Part participation programme at Tramway, 19 June 10-30 – 12noon

Breath Pieces website launched

Workshop sharing through practice – part of Breath Pieces residency with City Moves at The Anatomy Rooms 9 March 10.30-1pm.

Workshop sharing through practice – part of Breath Pieces residency at The Work Room Glasgow 19 January 10.30-12.30.

Breath Pieces begins in January with first residency at The Work Room. Breath Pieces – part performance part installation – is a new hybrid art work comprising multiple components including performance, sound, video, drawing and spoken text. Breath Pieces is commissioned by Tramway with funding from Creative Scotland alongside partners The Work Room, Cove Park, Scottish Dance Theatre and City Moves.

Ah kissing is at DanceLive Aberdeen 14 October
Ah kissing is part of the project Figures Series

Breathing Line – gifts for the future premieres at Sneinton Market 9th September
Performance from 11.30am, stall/installation 12noon – 2pm
Breathing Line is part of the project Figures Series

Breathing Line workshop at Dance4 Nottingham 25th July 2017. For artists/performers/makers and for people who are interested in socially engaged practices and work in public spaces. The workshop experientially investigates simple action-based performance scores that call on a simultaneous attention in individual and collective awareness. It’s also a space to discuss together systems of exchange and to reflect on our experiences of giving and receiving that are not based simply on the transaction

Research Lab at Independent Dance London 4th July 2017 for professional dancers, investigating some of the scores from Figures Series

Talking, thinking, dancing ADiE (Artistic Doctorates in Europe) at Dance4 international Centre for Choreography – presenting my research as part of this project. The two day event ‘Talking, thinking, dancing’ brings artists, researchers and producers together to think and discuss the past, present and future of Practice as Research degrees. It explores how/if knowledge creation through artistic practices could lead the future of the dance and choreographic field, 6-7 June 2017

DIG (Dance International Glasgow) presents Talk: introducing Untitled #0.5 – Who, What and Where is Anna? Discussing the making of Anna Krzystek’s new video installation 13 May 2017 4pm, with Anna Krzystek and Rosanna Irvine

Ah kissing is at Buzzcut Glasgow 8th April 2017

Ah kissing is at Nottdance Nottingham 11 March 2017

Choreography and interdisciplinarity a presentation contextualising dance and choreography in an expanded field prior to own and other artist talks at Fictional Matters a symposium curated by Colette Saddler at Centre Contemporary Arts Glasgow December 2016

what remains and is to come at Tramway Glasgow 18 & 19 November 2016

Tanzmesse 2016 Thank you to The Work Room for supporting my attendance at Tanzmesse Dusseldorf. I’m looking forward to seeing some new works, attending talks and connecting with people. Contact me via contact page on this website if you’re going to be there and would like to meet up.

Cultural Leadership and the Place of the Artist is at BOZAR, Brussels on 12th July 2016 presenting a seminar for cultural workers from organizations and artists. My artist intervention is the new moving-drawing score ‘breathing a line together’ in which participants create a drawing together through bodily listening: both leading; both following.

Figures Series Arts Council England Award for this new project from July 2016 with further funding from Dance4. It will include a dedicated website, new performance works, a collection of scores for public use as well as a whole lot of writing, interviews and discussions about what dance and choreography can do

Discussion panel member invited by Matthias Sperling to be part of a discussion as part of his On ‘My name is Janez Janša’, a provocation for What Remains … with Matthias Sperling, Colin Poole and Simon Ellis at Siobhan Davies Studios, London 21 May 2016

surface/sphere in collaboration with Katrina Brown, commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance and Independant Dance is presented is at What Festival 2016 – Anatomy of an Artist 21-22 May 201

Cultural Leadership and the Place of the Artist Appointed resident artist on this project co-ordinated by the On The Edge research team, Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. This is an AHRC Impact and Engagement project that follows on from research into cultural leadership undertaken by On the Edge research team Professor Anne Douglas, Chris Fremantle and Jonathan Price. This new phase of the project is organized in partnership with The Clore Leadership Programme, Creative Scotland and ENCATC

Curator for Dance Base Showcase Curating works to be presented with Lucy Suggates’ ‘Cosmic Sculptures’ at Dancebase Edinburgh. Works programmed are by Artémise Ploegaerts, Dana McPherson and Julie Cunningham. 23 January 2016

Turner Prize Thursday at Tramway Presenting a provocation to kick off a panel discussion that considers choreography and visual arts as contemporary arts practices, ways performance in galleries impacts on visitor experience and the (potential) place of choreography in the Turner Prize at Tramway Glasgow 7th January 2016. Other panel members are Siobhan Davies, Tim Nunn and Saffy Setohy with chairperson Roanne Dodds

New commission for What Festival … London – from Siobhan Davies Dance and Independent Dance to create new video installation in collaboration with Katrina Brown for May 2016

what remains and is to come is at International Sokolovsko Festival of Ephemeral Art, the 5th edition of Contexts 2015, Poland 18-22 July 2015

PhD conferred

What happens when … a performance lecture 5.30 – 7.30 Friday 19th June 2015
Nottingham Lakeside Arts, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD
Part of Dance4’s ‘A Place to Dance?’

What happens
when we bring the words artist and researcher together?
when this bringing together involves making art (as part of ‘the art world’) and writing on art (as part of ‘the academic world’)?
when distinctions between ‘worlds’ are not that simple?
when all this is in the context of an artist working with the history of a dance organization?

The performance lecture responds to these and other questions to share the processes and outcomes of my recent PhD

Perception Frames: choreographic scores for practice and performance is published (see project page)

Perception Frames: Tendings at ‘Thinking Dance’ Yorkshire Dance Leeds 14 – 17th July 2014

what remains and is to come: a document is published (see project page)

Sponsume campaign launched for subscribers to ‘what remains and is to come’ – an artist book project. The book will include writing by Ramsay Burt, Ivana Ivkovic and Mark Leahy, with photography by Kate Mount and design by Kevin Mount. The publication is supported by Arts Council England

Upcoming performance dates for what remains and is to come
KARST Plymouth 29th March 2014
Performance 3pm + Q&A
Nightingale Theatre Brighton19th March 2014
Performance 8pm + Q&A

Performance dates for what remains and is to come
Backlit Gallery Nottingham 19th Oct 2013
Performance Sat 3pm + Q&A
Installation runs Sunday 20th

Mile End Art Pavilion London 23rd Oct 2013
Performance at opening of group show Weds 6.30pm
Installation runs till 3rd Nov

The Performance Centre Falmouth 20th Nov 2013
Performance 7.30pm + Q&A

Paper presentation at New Visions on Dance Symposium: Theorizing in practice
Saturday 12 October, Middlesex University. Symposium organized by Society for Dance Research in collaboration with Middlesex University and DanceHE.

Ongoing research developing Perception Frames
Ongoing research through 2013 with groups of artists developing and testing contours for framing qualities of perceptual attending in movement and performance practices – towards a written choreographic score

Paper presentation at Dance and Somatics Conference:
Activating processes: perceptual immediacy in choreographic event making. Coventry University Sunday 14th July 2013

Performance lecture at Nottdance Festival: Legacies, genealogies and possible futures – Bonington Gallery, Dryden Street, Nottingham NG1 4GG
3pm Saturday 16 March 2013 – where I reflect on works by Bock & Vincenzi, (UK), Xavier Le Roy (France) and Thomas Lehmen (Germany), that were programmed at Nottdance between 1999 and 2006, and muse on how these (past) works continue…

Perception games: call for participant collaborators
research workshop and public event
led by Rosanna Irvine

Monday 5 – Friday 9 November 2012, The Work Room, Glasgow
This research workshop is an opportunity to be part of an experiment in creating choreography through a framing of perceptual attention. In this workshop we will work together to develop perceptual frames – which aim to give rise to unplanned but specific decisions, which in turn generate movement, in the moment of performance: a kind of ‘will-less choreography.’

We will work with an attunement towards the external environment (other performers, space, audience) and an attention or centering with regard to oneself – so that there is a heightened sense of awareness in the act of making a decision to move (or not). These qualities of attention will functions as the means through which ‘rules’ (that we will develop together) will activate ‘games’ and so generate a choreographic event. The approach is both improvisatory and highly specific.
Movement is likely to range from pedestrian to full out ‘dancing’ depending on participants, how each works and how we work together in developing the ‘games.’ We may also work with language. There will be a public sharing with open dialogue / discussion on the last day.

This event is in proximity to, and a development from, the earlier research event towards a reactivation of Xavier Le Roy’s ‘Project’.

If you would like to participate please contact with a paragraph about yourself, your background and experiences and why you are interested in the project. Dance and performance artists with an interest in conceptually orientated, physical, and improvisational approaches to performance making may be particularly interested – but those who are less familiar with these (choreographic) approaches and open to the ideas are also invited to get in touch.

Artist Pages what remains and is to come
published in Performance Research Journal
Volume 17 issue 4 2012

what remains and is to come
Katrina Brown & Rosanna Irvine
6pm Tuesday 11 September 2012
Isham Studios University Northampton St Georges Evenue Northampton NN2 6JD
a performance installation event, a dynamic and performative activation of material processes of and between paper, charcoal, body, breath and digital technology

Performing processes: thinking worlds into being
a presentation discussing the projects ‘what remains and is to come’ and ‘towards a re-activation of Xavier Le Roy’s ‘Project’’ at ‘How Performance Thinks‘, an international, two-day conference co-organized by the PSi Performance and Philosophy working group and Kingston University’s practice.research.unit. at London Studio Centre 13th April 2012

toward a re-activation of Xavier Le Roy’s ‘Project’
Public sharing and discussion
5pm Thursday 5th April 2012
Roof Studio, Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George’s Road, London SE1 6ER
Travel: Elephant & Castle or Lambeth North tube
Following four days of working intensely together ‘towards a re-activation of Xavier Le Roy’s ‘Project’’ – and through working with Xavier Le Roy’s ‘General Rules Score’ for Project’ (2003) – the eighteen participants/collaborators will perform their games and rules as a choreographic event. This will be followed by open discussion(s).

Material Action Image: collaborative processes in ‘what remains and is to come’
a presentation by Katrina Brown and Rosanna Irvine at ‘Actionable Image: Agency of Image, Performance of Body, Apparatus of Spectating’ a Symposium organized by BADco in Zagreb, March 2012.
Following an invitation from BADco, we will also join them and other invited artists in an Arts Lab which precedes the symposium.

toward a re-activation of Xavier Le Roy’s ‘Project’: call for performers / participants
research workshop and public event
led by Rosanna Irvine

Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th April 2012 at Siobhan Davies Studios London

Xavier Le Roy performed ‘Project’ as part of Nottdance Festival 2004, a work which, typical of Le Roy’s approach, is concerned with posing specific problems. Addressing the relations between production, process and product, Le Roy worked with groups of performers to develop rules for games that would be ‘performed’ in theatre situations. The problem he probed in ‘Project’ was around the co-existence of ‘choreographic rules’ with ‘the application of rules’ that are made for games (Le Roy). In situating the subsequent ‘games’ as choreography the project raises questions around representation, authorship and spectatorship.

Le Roy has made available a ‘General Rules Score’ for ‘Project.’ In the research workshop we will work with this to begin to construct (new) games and new rules for a performance event. This will involve working together while talking, moving, playing, negotiating, agreeing, disagreeing and more. It may also involve microphones, pre-recorded music and live video. We will perform these (new) games as a choreographic event with a public at the end of the four days, followed by open dialogue/discussion.

If you would like to participate please contact with a paragraph giving an indication of your background and why you are interested in the project. Dance artists and performers with an interest in conceptually orientated, physical, and improvisational approaches to performance making may be particularly interested, but those who are less familiar with these (choreographic) approaches and open to the indicated territory in performance practices are also invited to get in touch.

what remains and is to come in residency at Het Veem Theater Amsterdam 31 January – 5 February 2012. Performance Saturday 4th Feb 8.30pm and Sunday 5th Feb 4pm