Artist in Residence: Cultural Leadership …

Resident artist on the 2016 project ‘Cultural Leadership and the Place of the Artist’ delivering artistic interventions relating to cultural leadership.

As artist I am developing and delivering participatory scores that respond to ongoing discussions during a series of seminars in Edinburgh, London and Brussels. The scores aim to speak to issues around leading, following, sharing and producing – and to bring an experiential sense of making in the world (or arriving at decisions) through relational processes.

You can read my blog on the project at On The Edge Research

This project, co-ordinated by the On The Edge research team at Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, is an AHRC Impact and Engagement project that follows on from research into cultural leadership undertaken by On the Edge research team Professor Anne Douglas, Chris Fremantle and Jonathan Price.

‘Cultural Leadership and the Place of the Artist’ is organized by On The Edge research team in partnership with The Clore Leadership Programme, Creative Scotland and ENCATC. It is funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Image of artistic intervention ‘Breathing a line together’ at Cultural leadership and the place of the Artist Seminar, BOZAR, Brussels, July 2016 (photos courtesy of Julie Maricq, ENCATC)