Degrees of Freedom


Degrees of Freedom
performance work with video projection
typically 5 day development process with performers
performers: variable
duration: 1 hour – can be flexible 

Degrees of Freedom is a choreographic score that responds to, and is developed in collaboration with, a particular site and a particular grouping of people to create a distinct version of the work. Six versions have been made so far. In most of these audience has been able to choose to be mobile.

Degrees of Freedom engages with notions of freedom and states of responsiveness. It draws from Adam Curtis’s BBC documentary ‘The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom’ (2007) to develop compositional structures that operate through tensions between individual freedoms and structural constraints. It also draws on a growing and fluid collection of quotations – projected during performance – that refer to notions of freedom and the inherent tensions and resonances between conflicting ideologies. Versions 4,5 & 6 have utilised multiple live video feeds between discrete locations, embedding one version into the site of another. Sites include an empty theatre, the ground floor concourse of a public building, a shopping centre and gallery spaces.

#5&6 Dartington Festival 2009
using living video feed, the minimalist #5 is simultaneously presented as three screen video installation #6. Audience can move between two separate spaces
performers: Rosanna Irvine & Noel Perkins
sound: Tim Sayer

#4&5 Dartington Show 2009
#4 works with the breath as a fluid and connecting boundary between performers – and potentially with audience
#5 is a minimalist form, using gestural language
with movement sound and live video feed across two discrete locations, #4&5 investigates the affect of playing in the space of dynamic and uncertain boundaries. Audience can move between the two separate spaces
Performers: Curt Hennells, Helen MacPhee, Holly Durrant, Minou Polleros, Noel Perkins & Rosanna Irvine
sound: Tim Sayer
video collaborators: Phil Curtis, Mandy Finesilver, Peter Griffith
Supported by Dartington College of Arts

#3 Drake Circus Shopping Centre Plymouth 2009
all day installation, performance at 2.30pm, seven video screens and four live camera feeds. Public invited to text their views on freedom with texts typed up live throughout the day. Responds to the persistent viral marketing and surveillance conditions of the site
performers: Curt Hennells, Helen MacPhee, Holly Durrant, Denise Rowe
sound: Matthew Board
video collaborators: Hugh Irvine, Hannah Libby, Jered Sorkin, Mandy Finesilver
Commissioned by Dance in Devon as part of their Dancing Devon Festival

#2 Crosspoint – ground floor concourse of Roland Lewinsky Building Plymouth 2008
developed over two days in the public space of Crosspoints reponding to the architectural feel and materiality of the site as well as its use as transitional space
performers: Kuldip Singh Barmi, Claire Beckett, Jane Castree, Sam Dukes, Sarah Haddow, Curt Hennells, Helen MacPhee, Sally Robins, Denise Rowe
sound: Matthew Board
Funded by Dance in Devon as a continual professional development opportunity for regional dancers and supported by Plymouth University

#1 Ariel Centre Totnes 2008
audience located within the work in the performance space of an otherwise empty auditorium
performers: Katherine Cooley, Curt Hennells, Helen MacPhee, Katherine Nietrzebka, Denise Rowe, Lyndsey Walker
Supported by Ariel Centre, developed over four days following open call for participant