Perception Frames

Perception Frames

Perception Frames
a book of choreographic scores
published 2014

The work was developed through a long research process that took philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s critique of representation, orientated that critique to choreographic practice, and sought to develop conditions for what Deleuze calls ‘the act of thinking in thought itself’

Perception Frames can be used as a workbook, choreographic toolkit, teaching resource and as performance scores. The scores work with processes of giving attention and shifting attention in a present moment. They aim to constrain modes of anticipation in thought and action and to generate an always-different choreographic producing

The scores are: ‘Initial practices’ (a sequence of 5 preparations), ‘Practice frames’ (18 mini scores), “Availabilty’ and ‘Tendings’ (two extended scores)

More than forty artists contributed to the development of Perception Frames through participation in research workshops in London, Dartington, Glasgow, Nottingham and Leeds and through independently testing out the scores in their development

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Also available at:
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Artists who contributed to the development of the work:
Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Kayla Dougan Bowtell, Chris Dugrenier, Antje Hildebrand, Ella Hurman, Adam James, Justyna Janiszewska, Michael Johnson, Samantha Kettle, Evangelia Kolyra, Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou, Jindeok Park, Soyoung Park, Beatrice Perini, Clarissa Sacchelli, Georgia Tegou, Louise Ahl, Greta Heath, Dana MacPherson, Skye Reynolds, Stella Azzurra, Katrina Brown, Rebecca D’Andrea, Alicia Grace, Mark Leahy, Helen MacPhee, Emma Louvelle, Noel Perkins, Sara Reed, Ella Tighe, Julie Havelund, Keryn Ng Gek Theng, Anna Panzone, Traci Kelly, Sioned Huws, Jenny Hill, Vida Midgelow and Quick Shift members – Sally Doughty, Miriam Keye, Eleanor Walker, Jill Cowley

Score drawing on cover by Julie Brixey-Williams

Supported by Arts & Humanities Research Council, Dance4, Middlesex University, Yorkshire Dance, Dance in Devon, The Work Room