Sense[less] Acts

Sense[less] Acts (2011)
performance, text and digital video
in collaboration with Jenny Hill

A study in movement and text: Act 1 movement; Act 2 movement and language; Act 3 language. The three Acts propose parameters to hone performers’ attention in what is actually happening in the present moment – in movement, in stillness, in the event – to generate movement and language that resonates both within and beyond the specific actions and intentions of the performer

The video work that is presented alongside is a continually scrolling collection of questions that are informed by and generative of the enquiry. The texts speak equally to the audiences’ processes of watching as to the performers’ processes of doing

Centre for Creative Collaboration Kings Cross, London November 2011
Michaelis Theatre, Roehampton November 2011
Siobhan Davies Studios curated by ‘Stranger than Fiction’ in collaboration with Independent Dance June 2011