The Locker Room

The Locker Room (2007)

The Locker Room draws influence from the German Expressionist film, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Dr. Wiene 1919) and the locker room of the work environment. In Weine’s film Caligari controls a somnambulist exerting his will over the sleeper. The film was considered to have a covert and timely political message about abuse of power. The workplace locker room is perhaps a place of respite, of momentary dreaming within a confined space while liberated from a work space. Comprising movement material developed through investigating psycho-physical sates of confinement and video footage that includes movement phrases shot in the locker room, sleeping faces, floating clouds and motorway traffic, the performance layers imagery, visually and viscerally, creating a surreal narrative that culminates in a figure endlessly running in a circle …

Centre for Creative Industries Exeter
Barbican Theatre Plymouth
ICIA Theatre Bath
Ariel Centre Totnes

Concept and choreography: Rosanna Irvine
Performers: Laura Greaves, Jenny Hill, Katherine Nietrzebka, Rosanna Irvine
Video: Tim Dollimore and Rosanna Irvine

Funded by Arts Council England and partners Dance in Devon, Dance South West