THIS time NOW – a Salon

An open invitation to artists to be part of an online conversation.

This time now is tumultuous and uncertain – nationally and globally. Historical and ongoing inequities are exposed. And exacerbated. Forces of the right are rising. The planet is burning. And an undermining of the values of art and culture – in all their multiple forms – is creeping around the edges of public discourse.

THIS time NOW – a Salon – is a space to talk together about the capacities and potentials for political powers to operate in acts of dance, choreography, performance – and in all kinds of settings.

Artists Simone Kenyon, Amy Rosa and Farah Saleh introduce their ways of working and the impetus that fuels their approach. This is a starting point for us all to think together about our own and each other’s practices and to reflect on how the knowledges and practices that are particular to dance, the body and performance can operate to generate change, hope, solidarity, transformation …

Wednesday 10th February 2021 2-4pm
The curated salon is an expanded element of the project MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS
Produced by and to book The Work Room