what remains and is to come

what remains and is to come (2012 ongoing)
performance installation by Katrina Brown & Rosanna Irvine
an immersive performance event
performers 2
duration 1 hour

The performance is a dynamic activation of material processes between paper, charcoal, body and breath. The audience is mobile, invited into the upcloseness of the event. A work-like approach, repetitive action, systematic enquiry and a concern with treating materials not as tools but as equal in the making process are guiding principles in the project

Each performance installation is configured in relation to the particular site
Following the performance event prints and sound score can remain as installed work

Performers Katrina Brown & Rosanna Irvine
Sound by Tim Sayer
what remains and is to come trailer below:

Tramway Glasgow 18 & 19 November 2016
Contexts 2015 International Festival of Ephemeral Art Sokolovsko Poland 20 July 2015
KARST Plymouth 29 March 2014
The Nightingale Theatre Brighton 19 March 2014
The Performance Centre Falmouth 20 November 2013
Mile End Art Pavilion London 23 October 2013
Backlit Gallery Nottingham 19 October 2013
Het Veem Theatre Amsterdam 4 & 5 February 2012

Press: Glasgow Herald four stars review here

Supported by Arts Council England, Nightingale Theatre, Het Veem Theatre, Arts & Humanities Research Council, Dance4